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A Little Red



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January 27, 2008 ·

Shipping Shenanigans

I checked the order status of my camera, and even though it was listed as in stock and ready for immediate shipment, and even though I could have upgraded to next business day delivery (if I’d wanted to pay the obscene expedited shipping fee), the order status said that it would not be shipping until January 31 and would be delivered sometime between February 6 and 12.

Not funny!

So, this morning, I check my email and there’s message saying my camera has been shipped and should arrive by January 29.


And, it’s shipping via UPS. Hallelujah! I hate dealing with FedEx.

Of course, the memory card is shipping from somewhere else, and won’t arrive until after the camera. If I get too antsy, though, I can just go buy one. You can never have too many of those things, right?

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Progress Report


oil on canvas (details)

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