Project Apollo Archive

These are from an amazing public domain archive of high resolution Apollo lunar mission photos.

Apollo 15 Hasselblad image from film magazine 92/OO – EVA-2

Apollo 10 Hasselblad image from film magazine 35/U – Lunar Orbit, Trans-Earth Coast

Apollo 17 Hasselblad image from film magazine 148/NN – Earth, LM Inspection, Orbital

Apollo 12 Hasselblad image from film magazine 49/Z – EVA-2

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NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars | NASA

It rained last night, with heavy clouds rolling in just as the eclipse was supposed to begin, so I missed watching it. But this! This is even neater. There is not only water on Mars, but it’s flowing right now, BAY-bee!

New findings from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.

Source: NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars | NASA


They Lied!

Jupiter's Clouds from New Horizons
Jupiter’s Clouds from New Horizons
Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins U. APL, SWRI

So much for listening to coworkers, instead of actually consulting with the weather folks. Not only did it not frost this weekend, but I had to turn on the AC last night to cool my apartment down enough to sleep. Today, it’s supposed to be in the 80s. At least the clouds seem to be thinning. I was able to see stars when I was out with the dog this morning, which was nice.


In other news, I’m cat sitting again this weekend, but only a short stint. And I may have picked up a new client. We’re doing a trial run while they’re out of town on a short trip. I got to meet the kittens yesterday, and they are Teh Cute. A tortie and a tuxedo. The tortie reminded me of Polkadottie. She’s about the same shade with the same mix of orange vs. black.

Polkadottie Sleeping