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Comparative Silver

Canon Digital Rebel XT with kit lens

Kodak EasyShare DX4530

I used this example, because when I took the bottom photo last weekend, I had a hell of a time trying to capture the crackled and flaking silver on the back of this piece of mirror. Both images have had some Photoshopping, but there is not enough editing in the world to make the bottom image clearer. The top image even shows some of the rust-colored corrosion that’s forming around some of the flakes of silver.

Edit: The coppery smears on the lower sections of the bottom photo that look like oxidation are actually just dust and grime on the surface of the glass. For some reason, the Kodak camera was unable to see past the gunk, so that it looks substantial even though it isn’t.

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Testing 1-2-3

I had to go to four stores before I found a CF card. Target, Kmart, and even Staples were out. On a whim, I stopped at CVS, because you never know what sort of weird crap you’ll find at a drugstore. And, besides, I was out of aspirin. They had one CF card in stock




These have had some Photoshopping, because I’m shameless that way. I also turned on the EXIF display in Coppermine. I’ve always used Photoshop’s “save for web” function, which strips out the EXIF data, but I think I’ll start using “save as,” instead, so that it’s preserved.

I have a feeling this is going to be a steep learning curve.

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Living in Owen County, where we had no local ABC affiliate, I missed out on the whole Lost phenomenon. And even after returning to civilization, I didn’t have any interest in the show. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I read a description of the show that characterized it as a cross between Survivor and Twin Peaks, and I suddenly had to find out more.

Enter Netflix. Oh, how I love and hate them. I got the first couple of Lost discs on Monday and promptly devoured them. I am now hooked, damn it. Disc three of season one is shipping today, and I’ve set my DVR to record the new season when it starts, so I’ll have those waiting for me when I exhaust all the old episodes.

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Cat Sitting

I’ve done quite a bit of pet sitting. It’s easy work and the extra income is always welcome. Howsomever, one of my clients has asked me to sit for them in mid-February. They live on a horrible, twisty country road, and I’ve already told them that I’m not keen on driving out there in the winter, because there’s no way to know what the weather will be like. I have a life-sized vision of rain and snow and icy death from above, and just the thought makes me hyperventilate.

I wish she hadn’t asked. I don’t want to say no. I probably won’t say no. And, probably, I will regret not saying no. Then again, it’s $100, and I’m sure I’ll be happy to have the money.


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