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Stretching a Canvas


I was digging in the studio closet the other day, and noticed that I had some old stretcher bars stashed there, so I pulled them out. It’s been awhile since I’ve stretched a canvas, and I’d forgotten how hard it is on my hands to do all that stapling. Ouch!

I didn’t get the back margins perfectly even, so the miter isn’t as nice as it could be. It’s tidy, though, and that’s what counts, right?

Now, on to gessoing.

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Granny Smith Apples


I love Granny Smith apples. I used to buy them by the bagful, because one of my dogs liked them, too. Elliott would eat them whole, or, when I ate one, would sit patiently and wait for me to give him slices. Harriet’s not too keen on them, unfortunately, so I don’t buy them as often now. They were on sale, though, so I got a 3lb bag of them today. Even if I don’t eat them all before they’re past their prime, I can slice and dry them in the dehydrator. Or, who knows, maybe I’ll bake a pie?

Addendum: Teh Google says that the Granny Smith apple was not introduced to the US until 1972. I had no idea!

Alsotoo, I like them best sliced and sprinkled with a little bit of salt. It cuts the sourness very nicely. That’s how I learned to eat grapefruit and tomatoes, too.

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This is just the first layer. It’s a little more army green than I’d intended, but it’ll eventually be mostly blue.

I hate working with paint thinner, but there is just no other way to get this sort of spidery wicking of the paint.

True story: In a rebellious fit of stupidity, I once tried to use a mixture of linseed oil and paint thinner. The drippy effect was pretty good, but apparently, I’d used too much linseed oil and too little thinner. When I went back to the studio the next day, the entire painting had slid off the canvas. Weird, huh?

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