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This scruffy little girl has been on Methimazole for almost exactly two months, for hyperthyroidism, and she’s doing amazingly well. She’s finally starting to gain some weight, and it’s very obvious she’s feeling better. Usually the biggest sign of hyperthyroidism is their appetite increasing. But she did the opposite. I couldn’t get her to eat anything. She’s a member of the clean plate club now, though.

She’ll have another round of bloodwork in a couple of weeks. Hopefully she’ll continue to gain weight. Her nickname used to be Little Fatty, and I’d like her to get at least a little chubby again.


Goodwill Haul

Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook Yearbook

I stopped at Goodwill yesterday. I didn’t find a lot, but I got a stuffy for Thomas, a set of spice jars, and two yearbooks.

Brenda Sue Price was born 13 Jan 1943 in Blodgett, Missouri and died 28 Jun 1998 in Clarkton, Missouri. I have no idea how her yearbooks ended up in Indiana, but they were very well loved, and I’m glad I found them. I only took quick phone photos of a few of the pages. There are a bunch more, and I’ll eventually scan them. If I can find the time, I’ll search for or create an entry for her on FamilySearch and add the images there, in case she has family who would someday want them.


Denis Basquil

Denis Basquil in Fall River

Denis was the brother of my great great grandfather, Walter Basquil. I’ve gotten to know one of his descendants, and we’ve collaborated on researching the family. I think she got this photo of Denis from another cousin in Australia. (Denis’ son, William, immigrated there, while Denis came to the US and Walter stayed in Ireland.)

Fall River Daily Globe (Fall River MA), 24 Feb 1907, page 6, column 3

Denis was quite a character. Reading between the lines, he was likely an alcoholic. His wife, Ellen Carney, died in 1908. In 1910 Denis was living in the Fall River alms house, destitute. He died in 1911.

Death Certificate

Walking in the Stacks

From the Stacks
From the Stacks

One thing I like about working in a library is walking in the stacks. But when you do that, you see things you cannot unsee. It’s a large library (ten floors!), and keeping everything in order is impossible. Students put books back on the shelves any which way.

Oversized books should usually be shelved with the spine down, to protect the spine and keep the fore edge of the covers from splaying out. And I don’t even know how people can shove a book back on the shelf so the bookend is inside the book. But I see it frequently.


A Note

Desk with Note
Desk with Note

I saw this while walking in the stacks earlier in the week. The funny thing is that the desk is new to that spot. There’s usually a book truck there. I have no idea where the desk came from, but it has not been sitting there for four weeks, much less four years.

My best guess is that either someone is screwing with everyone’s heads with that note, or the note is legit and someone is being an ass and moved the desk to where it’s now sitting.