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The Ass Upstairs

My assy upstairs neighbors continue to astound. Today’s festivities involved the dude (I’ll call him Doofus) letting his clearly untrained puppy (name of Lola) run off leash in the back field. Harriet, being an old lady dog, has to pee frequently. So I took her outside. Lola came galloping toward us. I told Doofus that Harriet is dog aggressive. Doofus called his (again, CLEARLY UNTRAINED) puppy, who totally ignored him, because she has no idea what the word “come” means.

Harriet, bless her heart, has a small amount of tolerance for puppies. Otherwise, it would have been ugly when Lola stuck her nose in Harriet’s face. Since Doofus was incapable of controlling Lola, I took Harriet back inside. She still hadn’t peed, though, so I watched out the window until Doofus and Lola were (I thought) a safe distance away from my patio.

So. I took Harriet back outside. Harriet peed. Lola saw us, and we had a repeat of the above scene. I took Harriet inside before Lola got to us, but I didn’t have time to close the patio door before Lola shoved her head inside my apartment. WTFBBQ?!

And now, a photo of an avocado. It was perfectly ripe and damnfinetasty.


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Meet the Romper-Stompers

Meet my new upstairs neighbors, the Romper-Stompers. You remember those plastic or tin cups you used to strap to your feet, when you were a kid? There was also the quick and dirty version, where you stepped on the side of a soda can so that the ends molded around the inner and outer sides of your shoes. And then, YOU ROMP. AND YOU STOMP.

So, I like to envision my neighbors with romper stompers on their feet. Because I can’t imagine any other explanation for why grown-assed adults would make that much noise.

(That water noise in the background is the fish aquarium. All the other noises are coming from my upstairs neighbors.)

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Gang Wars in Zinniatown

Hi! Remember me? I’ve been busy doing lots of nothing. And by nothing, I mean NOTHING. I have new neighbors who decided that the middle of the night was the perfect time to move in, and they’re stompy stompers, so I’m over tired and totally lacking in any kind of sense of humor about the situation. Seriously, do they HAVE to drop boxes on my head at 1am? I DO NOT THINK SO.

And then they woke me up at the asscrack of dawn, which means I was wandering around aimlessly at butterfly o’clock. And my camera was handy. So I took some pictures, which is kind of like doing something. It may be all I accomplish today.



Hobomok Skipper (Poanes hobomok) on Zinnia


And then this adorable little honey bee came along and chased off the skipper and stole his flower. Poor skipper.

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Must you keep tapping…?

Someone in number 11 is tap-tap-tapping on the wall. They’ve done this periodically over the past few days. I am tempted to randomly return fire. Or maybe offer them my stud finder.

And a random factoid: According to my WordPress dashboard, I’m at 1,953 posts. Though, for some reason, this post has a permalink number of 2037. I wonder why there’s a discrepancy between the two numbers? Anyway, 2000 should be coming up soon!

Andalso a random Lensbaby macro photo:

Raindrop on Sedum Leaf


Twinkle Twinkle

I noticed last week that people were starting to put up holiday lights. I remember when I used to think it was ridiculous to launch into Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving. And then, it began to happen before Thanksgiving. Now, it’s starting before Halloween.

Stop! The! Insanity!

Also, I wish someone would tell the Bumpasses to put away their horribly tacky–and not in a fun, kitsch kinda way–scarecrow. It’s in the common hallway, on the way to the laundry room, and it bugs the hell out of me. We’re not supposed to leave crap in the hallway, and that scarecrow definitely qualifies as crap.

If it’s still there the next time I do laundry, I’ll try to get a photo of it. It’s, um, special. The best part is that it’s planted in a large flower pot.