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Catherine’s Scrapbook

Scrapbook 1915-1925

I’ve had this scrapbook for some time now. It belonged to Catherine, a family friend who died a few years ago. The scrapbook was done in the late teens through the 1920s, and it’s chock full of magazine illustrations from the period.

Catherine was determined to teach me a thing or two about fiber arts. She took me to a couple of quilting workshops, gave me an old workhorse of a sewing machine (one of those indestructible, all-metal ones that weighs 500lbs), took me to visit a local weaver’s studio, and even taught me how to weave. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, at least, not as much as I should have. I’m glad I had a chance to do those things and wish I’d taken better advantage of the learning opportunity.

(This is not the best image, but it was the 5000th from my little Kodak camera, so I thought I ought to mark the milestone.)

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