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New Toy

I was starting to think it wouldn’t be delivered today, but at 7pm, Mr. UPS knocked on my door. Yay!


The battery is charging, and I won’t be able to actually take photos until I get a CF card. I got a really good deal on one online, but it probably won’t be delivered until Friday or Saturday.

That’s okay, though, because the manual is large and dense and I really ought to read it before getting in over my head. Besides, if I get too antsy, I can always just go buy a smaller card. The one I got was 2G for $20, which was a good deal. Even at Target, a 2G card is over $50. Yikes!

I will say, though, that I like the size of the camera. I have really small hands, so I was afraid it’d feel awkward or too big. It’s a nice size, and the controls are exactly where they ought to be. It’s well designed, I think.

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