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These are currently in the oven, roasting their little hearts out. Caramelized Brussels sprouts with lime and salt are going on the side, with a salad of spring greens, also dressed with lime and salt.

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Title of the Day

I was over in the the study area on 3W and saw a copy of The great novels of the Bronte sisters sitting on one of the shelving carts. The obvious question is, where is the inevitable companion volume, Not so great novels of the Bronte sisters? ISAGN.

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DIY Planner

I haven’t liked any of the planner inserts or DIY hacks I’ve seen (or, at least, when I did like them, they didn’t end up working for me), so I made my own out of 60lb student grade “art” paper. Tearing the paper and punching holes took me about 30 minutes, and it’ll take me some time to block out all the dates (I got through April done during today’s meeting).

The bonus is that during meetings, I now have easy access to art paper for doodling. I’m all for using what you have, and if all you have during a meeting is a steno pad, then that’s what you use. But having better paper at hand is nice

And now, that’s one more thing I can cross off my 101 Things list.

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Organization Pt. 3


This is my DIY planner. As I warned, not earth shattering, but I’ve yet to meet a planner that is, so wev. Anyway, I took it for a test ride yesterday afternoon (1.5 hour meeting) and today (30 minute meeting), and it worked great. It’s nice to have real paper to doodle on, for a change!

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Weather Update

A coworker has informed us that it will be raining in Philadelphia on Friday. And, on Monday, it might snow.

That is all. As you were, comrades.

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