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January 26, 2008 ·

Junk in My Trunk


Or, rather, crap in my bag. I’m a big, fat cheater, and lazy, too, so I’m recycling a photo I posted to Flickr a few days ago for the “stuff in my bag” group.

Missing from the photo is the composition book I usually carry in the back pocket. Also, my camera. Also, a huge mountain of grocery store receipts and pennies. I think those things breed in the dark recesses of people’s purses. Or maybe it’s just mine?

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The Story

The Story
(a found poem)

The story was a riddle
pointing to a shimmering surface
to hidden depths
to inner experience.

The story
neither sought nor found
like a melody continually improvised
full of blasphemy
for many generations venerated
should not be read simply.

The story
found in the garden
between the infinite and finite
above the abyss that separates
the failed and perfection
depends upon the divine
hidden deep within
as well as outside.

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