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I was looking for a new notebook. I usually order whatever looks cheap and cheerful in A5 with 160 gsm paper, but a bunch of people on Reddit recommended Scribbles That Matter notebooks.

The notebook is fine? I like the paper finish, the grid isn’t too light or dark, the pages are numbered, and the cover is a nice shade of pink. But, I hate the pen loop. It’s riveted to the back cover, which creates a lumpy spot. I also don’t love that some of the pages are glued together along the spine.

Altogether, it’s a decent notebook, but I’m probably not going to order another one.

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I put a roll of washi tape in an old tape dispenser, and now I’m obsessed with the little pinked edges. I also bought a pair of 3mm pinking shears, for wider rolls. And for everything else, because all the things must be pinked.

Also, it’s been so long since I used my blog that the dashboard and editor have changed drastically. Thanks, I hate it.

ETA: Alsoalso, I changed the blog template. I’m not loving it, but the main column is a little wider. The columns on the old template were super skinny.

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Someone on Reddit was trying to figure out how to use a Moleskine notebook for multimedia art journaling. The overwhelming advice was “Don’t.” Several people recommended hand-binding their own books, which is easy and very satisfying. But you can also use cheap composition notebooks, and Strathmore makes some really nice multimedia coil-bound journals. One benefit to coil-bound notebooks is that there’s less chance you’ll overfill the notebook and stress or break the binding. I know people love a nice, fat journal. It’s not a good idea to add a lot of bulk to them, though. I’ve overfilled a few, but I’ve learned strike a balance. Most of mine, whether I bound them or bought them, lie fairly flat.