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It’s a Bouncing Baby Rebel!

This will be arriving early next week. The lens adapter and various other stuff to go with it will have to wait until I get my federal return, but I’ve received my state return, and that gave me just enough to get the camera itself.

I am vibrating with excitement, and I very well may not sleep until Mr. Rebel arrives.

Now, I’m off to watch Harry Potter. I meant to watch it last night, truly, but I was just too tired and cranky, so I decided it might be better to try to get a decent night’s sleep, instead. Which, as it turns out, was a good plan, onna counta I’m probably not going to be sleeping AT ALL for the next few days.

That is all. As you were, comrades.

PeeEss: There will be arting, even if it kills me!

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Smoke and Clouds


There will be art tomorrow, come hell or high water. I finally got my hands on a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (no thanks to Netflix!), so I intend to be completely useless tonight. No doodling, even, as it is sure to require 100% of my attention.

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