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3 & 3
Microfilm 04222 / 03 | Page 19
Multiple Parishes; Multiple Counties; Archdiocese of Tuam. Marriages, June 1821 to May 1822

“June 25th 1821, Patk Hunt to Catharine Kilduff, being dispensed in the prohibitted Degrees of 3&3 of Kindred, Pres[ent] John Hunt & Thos. Murphy”

I have no idea how closely Patrick and Catherine were related–they aren’t my ancestors–but related they apparently were. That’s okay though, I guess, as long as the Church gives you a dispensation.

Also look at how nice the handwriting is! Calligraphic, even. Unfortunately most of the parish registers do not look this lovely, and they certainly aren’t this legible.

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Rapture by Blondie

Harold Camping has disappeared. Now, the cynical among us might think he’s hiding out or that he’s died of embarrassment after May 21st came and went and we weren’t all Hoovered up into Heaven. I, however, prefer to think that his rapture visions were true, but that he misunderstood, and that yesterday God called him–and him alone–home. Or maybe it was Satan. I get those two mixed up sometimes.

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Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters

I’ve been reading a lot of fundamentalist Christian blogs lately, and one of the things that has especially bothers me is the purity pledge phenomenon. The fathers promise to protect their daughters’ hymens until the girls are married, at which point ownership of the daughter is transferred from father to husband. The girls–some of them just 5-6 years old–must promise to abstain from sex until marriage. There is, of course, no corresponding ceremony for mothers and sons, because boys have no responsibility to remain pure. The girls must not only police their own sexuality, but that of the males as well. If the boys stray, it’s the girls’ fault, because girls are all dirty dirty whores deep down inside. It’s “she was asking for it” with a fundie twist.

Anyway, romantic dates with dad? O gross!