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This was taken at the main library, in the women’s bathroom on the 3rd floor of the west tower. Yes, this was once a Sink in a Bag. The end one, to be exact.

I don’t know what the heck the custodians use to clean the sinks, but there are deep scratches on all the fixtures and drain hardware. This one was the worst, though. The chrome plating is almost entirely scoured away, showing the brass underneath. And you can see greenish areas, where the metal is corroding.


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The Witnesses

The Witnesses

When they die
you call them gods
made and placed in shrines.

Hoping to convince the uninterrupted generations,
defiance was the response;
The terrible choice between denying
and the claim that these could catch fire
Among the disaffected and the restless
who had inspired with the idea
who had dared a stubborn dissident
who had refused to obey
And took for granted the sacrifice and submission.

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