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Jupiter Crash

Two amateur videos shot early on March 17th show a brief but bright flash on the edge of Jupiter’s disk. Did the King of Planets get whacked again?

Source: Another Impact on Jupiter? – Sky & Telescope

Which brings me to the requisite ear worm. I love this song.

Jupiter Crash by The Cure

So much for gravity…

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Moments of Pleasure

Moments of Pleasure by Kate Bush

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days.

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Stono River Blues

Stono River Blues by Shovels and Rope

This song came up on the random shuffle, in my car, a week ago. I’ve been hitting the replay button ever since.

Love, love, love this part, especially.

I gotta sister on Wadmalaw
she floats all day in the Ledenwah
one day she left the chickens in charge
and floated off to Heaven on a party barge

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I Am Stunned

An infinitely changeable songwriter, Mr. Bowie taught generations of musicians about the power of drama, images and personas.

Source: David Bowie Dies at 69; He Transcended Music, Art and Fashion – The New York Times

I can’t believe he’s gone. A gif of the many faces of David Bowie started making the rounds of Facebook a few days ago. The first time I saw it, I wondered what a world without any new Bowie music would be like. We’re going to find out, I guess.

I looked at my stats for my iPod. The most played Bowie song, by a large margin, is Life on Mars?.

Fuck cancer.


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Musical Interlude

More Songs for Margaret by Cotton Jones

This came up on the Magical iPod a few days ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

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Homemade Pill Pockets

Homemade pill pocket, using peanut butter and a piece of flatbread. #dogs #pillingdogs #pillpockets #diy

I tear off a small piece of flatbread (tortillas or chapatis work just as well), place the pill(s) on it, smear peanut butter along one edge, then roll it up and seal it with the peanut butter.

Then before I give the pill pocket to Frances, I make sure she sees the knife with the remainder of the peanut butter on it. This is key if the dog is picky. You want their greed to get the better of them. Frances is so busy thinking about the peanut butter on the knife that she Hoovers up the pill pocket as fast as she can. Then I let her lick the knife clean as a treat.

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Post Op Review



The vet said Frances wouldn’t eat for them this morning. That didn’t surprise me. She did the same thing when she had TTA surgery. I think the anesthesia just really knocks the wind out of their sails. My “secret weapon” is bonito flakes. You can buy them in the cat treat section of most pet supply shops. They’re meant to be sprinkled on cat food, as a treat, but I add them to warmed water. The warmth feels good and it enhances the stinky fish scent, which tempts the dog’s (or cat’s) appetite. It did the trick.

After she’d tanked up on some bonito flake-spiked water, Frances ate a full serving of food, and then she begged for my breadsticks.

That Face

She lost her ears temporarily, but they came back with her appetite. My little fruit bat has returned!

The vet was not able to get all the tumors with this surgery. Doing so would have removed too much skin, which would have stressed the sutures and risked them failing. That means she’ll have to have another surgery to get the remaining tumors. If all goes well, he wants to do that on the day she gets her sutures out.

So this ridiculous soap opera roller coaster is not over yet. Ugh. We should know on Monday what the histopathology report says, and that should help dictate what the next step is. If all the tumors that were removed are benign, then there isn’t as much of a rush to get the remaining ones. They still need to come out soon, but maybe not immediately. If any of them are malignant, then the next surgery will need to happen ASAP.

But for now, Frances is home and resting fairly comfortably.

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Bath Time for Frances

Tomorrow is Franny’s surgery, so tonight she got a mani-pedi and a bath. Not her favorite things! Peanut butter helps, though.


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Indoor Weather

Physical Plant workers opened one of the windows and left it open for hours. It was chilly today with 50mph wind gusts, so the hallway was like a wind tunnel.

This nonsense again. #work #cold

And, of course, it was cold in my cubicle. My feet were like ice cubes.

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