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Things!  In!  Bags!

Water! Fountains! In! Bags!

Sink!  In! A!  Bag!

The Friday of finals week, a coworker took it upon herself to clean out the department fridge, without warning anyone. Usually the departmental secretary would send out an email on Monday, warning everyone to mark their food, then send another warning email the day before. This time there was no warning.

That would have been annoying enough. However my container of hummus was thrown out. I didn’t take a lunch the next Monday, thinking I had something to eat at work. Nope. I also had no money, not that it mattered, because the cafeteria was closed for the semester break.

Annoying, right? But that wasn’t the worst part. The coworker who cleaned out the fridge dumped food down the disposal. The disposal in our kitchen can’t deal with actual food. The sink has now been completely blocked for almost two weeks, along with the two water fountains that share the same drain.

So not only did she throw out people’s food, but now we’re having to hike to find water for the tea kettle and coffee pots.

Someone needs to tell her to stay the hell out of the kitchen, because she’s a damn menace.