Is Your Ctrl-Alt-Shift-J Working?

God help me. Otherwise, I may scream.

Our system was upgraded over the weekend, so all our macros are, of course, broken. Wev. This happens with every upgrade, and it’s not something I intend to get my knickers in a twist over. Others, though? Lordy! I have been asked several times today if my “Ctrl-Alt-Shift-whatever” macro is working.

What the fuck, people?! I haven’t a clue what Ctrl-Alt-Shift-whatever refers to. All my macros have been re-keyed so that the keystrokes are easy for me to remember and reach. Duh. Why on earth would someone use a three- or four-key macro that requires both hands and/or acrobatics, when they can use a simple, two-key macro? Even stupider, why would anyone assume that someone else’s macros are linked to the same hot keys as theirs?

Do these people not think?

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