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Thomas and Henry

Thomas and Henry #cats #torbiecat #catsanddogs #dogs #boxerdog #dogsandcats

On the one hand, I was trapped under the dog. On the other hand, this happened.

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At the Vet

All Photos-2760

Thomas went to a new vet today. He was urinating every 15-30 minutes yesterday evening, so I called my vet. The earliest appointment they had available was Monday. They would take him as an emergency between 8-5 today, but that would cost an extra $80, on top of the $38 office call fee.

Um, no. I’m still a little bit angry about the receptionist offering an appointment FIVE DAYS LATER, for a suspected UTI. A UTI is not an emergency, but it’s an urgent care issue, and if an owner doesn’t understand that, the receptionist should explain it to them.

I’m also annoyed that my vet–a practice I’ve been going to for ten years, is no longer able to provide urgent, non-emergency care. That’s unacceptable to me. I’m not asking them to drop everything to examine my dog, but they shouldn’t be so booked up that they can’t fit in urgent care cases. And they should have office staff who can triage those appointments, putting the non-urgent ones farther off and leaving a few slots open for more pressing problems.

So, I called another practice, and they were able to get Thomas in as a new patient this morning. They also had a couple of new client discounts that brought the bill down to $57. It would have otherwise been $87, which would have still been very reasonable!

You know how this story ends, right? After being stressed out about Thomas and pissed off at the old vet practice yesterday, I got no sleep last night. And of course, Thomas was back to peeing normally today. His urine looked normal under the microscope and everything else looked great. They did a needle urine draw, so they had a sterile sample to culture. Results of that should be back Monday, but I expect they’ll be negative.

All that angst and drama for nothing!

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Clouds over IU

The clouds to the northwest look like ripples after you throw a stone in a pond.

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Blessed Fall

It’s finally here! When I walked the dog this morning, I wore a hoodie, and I was still a little cold.

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All Photos-2717

All Photos-2720

I usually get dog baggies at Target (120 for US$6.99). I was out of them and had stopped at Petco for something else, so I looked at their prices. Wow! Not good. But I needed baggies, so I thought I’d test the “baby powder” scented ones (120 for US $9.99).

And then I stopped at Dollar Tree for cleaning supplies. They not only had dog baggies (80 for US$1.00), but also boxes of 75 diaper disposal baggies for a dollar. I bought some of both to try, because the price was right.

It never occurred to me to look for dog baggies at the dollar store. The Dollar Tree baggies are thinner, but they should work fine. Plus they’re black, so hopefully they arent so gross looking when full.

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I got the cats and Thomas some new toys. He and Piglet knew the bag on my work table was full of goodies for them, and they sat and stared holes in it.

Thomas got a Tuffy shark like the one Frances had, only in orange, to match him. He loves it. If you have a dog who destroys stuffies, it’s worth investing in a couple of Tuffy toys. They won’t last forever, but you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

I also got a package of BilJac treats, for training. I especially wanted something high value to trade for things that Thomas steals and plays keep-away with. Whoever taught him that game needs to be smacked. I’d been trading some kind of crunchy salmon treats, but Thomas wasn’t overly impressed. After a couple pieces of BilJac, he was bringing me everything he could find: socks, used dryer sheets, junk mail, etc. Success! He may still think that keep-away is fun, but he has the idea now that trading up is also pretty awesome.

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Learning New Things

After two months, Thomas finally decided to take his crate for a test drive. #dogs #boxerdog

Thomas has refused to get in his crate. I haven’t forced the issue, because I wanted to try to wait until he decided to test drive it himself. It took him two months, but today was the day. I heard a noise from that direction and thought it was Polly. She uses the crate as her fortress of solitude. But no, it was Thomas!

Now that he’s taken the first step, I’ve been randomly asking him to “crate” and giving him yummy treats when he does. He’s still doubtful, but he’s being a good sport about humoring me and my silly whims.

So today was a good day. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of this:

If you have junk mail you want shredded, I know a dog, and I hear his rates are pretty reasonable. I will happily hook you up!

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Anne Basquille

Civil Birth Register
Anne Baskwill born 19 November 1876, Lackaun, District of Westport No.1, Union of Westport, County of Mayo, Ireland
Father John Baskvill
Mother Mary Kerrigan
from: Irish Civil Registers (births)

Catholic Parish Baptismal Register
Anne of John Basquille {and} Mary Kerrigan
[sponsors] John Kerrigan [and] Ellen Shanly
from: Catholic Parish Baptismal Register, Aughagower Parish 1876

Anne was baptized on the 18 Oct 1876, but that doesn’t fit with the civil register entry, which lists her birth date as 19 Nov 1876. I think we can all agree that it’s impossible to be baptized before one’s birth, so we have some ‘splaining to do.

What I think must have happened is that she was born in October, but the birth was registered late (6 Dec 1876). That lapse in time was either by chance or design. Possibly the mother, who registered the birth, forgot the date, or she could have deliberately given an incorrect date. This sometimes happened when a family did not have enough money to pay the birth registration fee. The registration was put off, until the funds were acquired, and then the birth was registered with a fudged, later date, in order to prevent paying a late registration fine.

We can never know what exactly happened, but I find it more likely that the delayed registration is incorrect than that the Church got the baptismal date incorrect.

In cases like this, where there is a conflict between an earlier baptismal date and a later birth date, I think it’s best to use the baptism date as a birth date. In this part of Ireland, at this time, folks baptized their children pretty soon after birth, so I feel this is a reasonable solution to the problem.

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Red-spotted Purple

Red-spotted Purple through the Window
Red-spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax)

I thought there was a moth on the outside of the window, but when I got a step stool and looked more closely, it was a butterfly.

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The View from the Break Room

Belt of Venus from the Break Room

I like to take sunrise photos from the break room. No one is in there early in the morning, so I can turn off the lights. But the western view isn’t as good. The building and trees block most of the sky. No construction cranes visible from this window, either.

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