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I got the cats and Thomas some new toys. He and Piglet knew the bag on my work table was full of goodies for them, and they sat and stared holes in it.

Thomas got a Tuffy shark like the one Frances had, only in orange, to match him. He loves it. If you have a dog who destroys stuffies, it’s worth investing in a couple of Tuffy toys. They won’t last forever, but you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

I also got a package of BilJac treats, for training. I especially wanted something high value to trade for things that Thomas steals and plays keep-away with. Whoever taught him that game needs to be smacked. I’d been trading some kind of crunchy salmon treats, but Thomas wasn’t overly impressed. After a couple pieces of BilJac, he was bringing me everything he could find: socks, used dryer sheets, junk mail, etc. Success! He may still think that keep-away is fun, but he has the idea now that trading up is also pretty awesome.

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