Strong Unrecommend

I thought I’d be clever and clear my browser history. I navigate from the address bar a lot, and sometimes the drop-down menu gets cluttered. No big deal, right? But when I cleared my browser history, Firefox got hung up. I eventually force-quit the program, via task manager.

Huge mistake. When I restarted Firefox, it wouldn’t start in regular mode. Safe mode worked fine, but starting in regular mode made the program freeze before it even got to the start screen. Force quitting made n error message pop up. There was something wrong with the add-on container. A web search indicated it might be a Flash problem, but I was unable to fix it. One of our tech support people found a work-around. He created a new user profile, which seems to be working. So far, so good, at least.

Tech support is willing to do a little maintenance for Firefox, but if it breaks too badly, we are told to use Chrome instead. I really don’t want to use Chrome. I have a “one service from Google” policy, and that one service is Gmail.

I hope I don’t run into the same problem on my own machine. If I do, though, I’ll just switch to Opera. Opera isn’t supported at work, though. Hmf.

So, I strongly unrecommend doing what I did, whatever the hell I did.

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