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I didn’t want to make this post. I’ve been putting it off, but I can’t do that forever. And it’s not like not avoiding it is going to magically change anything. Frances had a terrible night last Wednesday. I’d upped her pain meds, but she was still miserable. I decided, at about 2am, that it was time to have her put to sleep. Even if she was a little more comfortable by morning–and she was, slightly–I couldn’t risk her going through another night like that. It just wasn’t fair to her. So I called the vet the next morning, and they were able to get us in at 10am.

That was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

And now my best girl is gone. It’s been five days, and it still seems unreal.

Miss Frances
8 March 2013

"Staff is eating cake and not sharing."  #pitbullcomplaints #earofjudgment
23 May 2016

The first photo was taken the day I got Frances. She held her ears back at the shelter, like a baby seal. It wasn’t until I got her home that the Ear of Judgment made an appearance.

The second photo is the next-to-last one I took of her. She was begging for a piece of cake I was eating and judging me for not sharing. But of course I did share.



Happiness #artjournal

I hate the saying that money can’t buy happiness. I suspect it was created by filthy rich people to gaslight poor folks into thinking they didn’t get a raw deal.

The thing is, it almost sounds reasonable, taken at face value. But lurking under the surface is the ugly fact that poverty–and I do not mean temporary or situational poorness–kills joy to death. The constant, overwhelming stress of waiting for the other shoe to drop is incompatible with happiness.

So, maybe money can’t actually buy happiness, but it can remove otherwise insurmountable barriers to it.


Findmypast Flash Sale

This is a really good deal, for those who want to try out Findmypast.  They’re offering a 50% off flash sale on their monthly world subscription.  So for US$9.98 you can check out their worldwide collections, including the 1939 Register.

Just be aware that 1) the sale ends at midnight this Sunday and 2) your subscription will auto-renew at the regular monthly rate if you don’t turn off that option in your account settings.

(Via Irish Genealogy News. Follow the appropriate link at the bottom of the post to navigate to the sale page for your geographic area.)