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Baby Seal

Baby Seal #dogs #pitbulls #pitbullterriers #lapdogs

Since Frances can’t get on the furniture, I’ve been spending time in the evenings Netflixing and sitting on the floor with her.

And yes, Pit Bulls are lap dogs. Obvs.


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Seen at Work

Seen at Work #ladybusiness
“Imagine if society was as disgusted by rape as it is by periods.”

Seen at Work #ladybusiness
“A sexual assault occurs every 107 seconds.”

On my way into the work this morning, I saw these stuck to the columns outside the library. It’s unforgivable that college women have to speak up about being mistreated, but at the same time, I’m glad to see them doing so. Sometimes I worry about “kids these days,” and other times, I think they’re just fine. It’s a mixed bag, but it always has been.

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