Brownie batter should never be pourable. #food #brownies #baking

I don’t understand why people buy pre-made brownie mixes. They’re super quick and easy to make from scratch. Much easier and more forgiving than cake, and it literally takes five minutes to get them into the oven. A box mix isn’t any faster.

Tip: You know the recipe is good, when the batter isn’t pourable. Brownie batter should stay in a tiny mountain until you smooth it over.

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Rolly-poly in the Grass #dogs #pitbulls #pitbullterriers #oldladydog

Life is all about Frances these days. She’s been recovering so slowly that it’s hard to see the progress. I think the nice weather makes her feel better, though. And maybe baking her old bones is helping the healing, too? Today she’s getting up and down more easily, and this is the first time she’s had a good rolly-poly session, since she injured herself.