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Piglet Sleeping on My Flannel

Piglet sleeping on my flannel #cats #tuxedocats #caturday

It’s a lazy Saturday with much Netflixing. I just realized Piglet, sleeping on the couch behind me. He rarely does that. And he’s got his head on my flannel.

I would have gladly strangled the horrid little brat this morning. He was at his naughtiest. But then he goes and makes himself sweet and adorable and all is forgiven.

5 thoughts on “Piglet Sleeping on My Flannel”

  1. Hi Shelly
    I found you via google and have enjoyed reading your research, and am in awe of your work, and love your friends!

    My ancestor Walter Baskiville came to New Zealand from Mayo , Westport area as member of the ‘Fencible regiment’ in circa 1848 as a retired Solider, (the 17th Lancers English regiment, which he joined in Ireland). He also spelt his name Basquil, Baskwell, on his army records. He was born in Aughaval, Mayo in 1807. Appears to have come out with some if not all his children, not sure as birth records hard to find, but have some ideas now from your research.

    I have only recently started making progress with my Baskiville family tree on my mothers side, having found my grandfathers WWI miltary record in Australia and a book by Michael Hayden (Canada) who tried to trace Michael and Julia Basquil and others.
    Could we be related?
    Love to hear from you
    David, Foxton Beach, NZ


  2. Hi! I’m glad you contacted me. I think your Walter is the one who married Annie McFall? I don’t know how he fits in to the puzzle, but he’s related to “my” Basquills somehow, I’m sure.

    There were actually two of Walters born about the same time. One married Annie McFall and the other Anne Kelly. The Walter who married Anne Kelly emigrated to England before 1861 and lived in Stockport, where he died in 1886. But before then, both that Walter and your Walter were living in County Mayo.

    I suspect that the two Walters are cousins and that one of them is the brother of “my” Michael Basquill, born 1802 in Lackaun, Aughagower Parish. Proving any of that may not be possible, though.


    1. Hi, My Walter married twice, Annie McFall is his second wife, I have not found the name of his first wife, Correction to earlier they arrived NZ 1852
      Regards David


  3. Interesting! I do have a note that he had another wife, but no name, and no indication which one came first.

    It’s frustrating, with Irish ancestors, because you inevitable hit a brick wall in the early 1800s (if you’re lucky enough to get that far back). I have hit that wall with Michael Basquill, my great-great-great grandfather.


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