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Jupiter Crash

Two amateur videos shot early on March 17th show a brief but bright flash on the edge of Jupiter’s disk. Did the King of Planets get whacked again?

Source: Another Impact on Jupiter? – Sky & Telescope

Which brings me to the requisite ear worm. I love this song.

Jupiter Crash by The Cure

So much for gravity…

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Day. Made.

Death Record

This was in my inbox this morning, from the same generous soul who shared Bridget’s and Walter’s marriage certificate and my great-great aunt Margaret’s birth certificate. It’s the death certificate for my great-great grandmother, Bridget Bourke. The informant listed, M. J. Richardson, was Walter’s and Bridget’s son-in-law, Michael. He married their oldest daughter, Ann Basquill.

I am over-the-moon level happy.

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Beautiful Day

Sunrise Over Wright Quad
Rising Sun in the East

Western Sky at Sunrise
Pink Sky in the West

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