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Transcribing Parish Records

Transcribing Parish Records #genealogy #transcribing #research #basquillhunting

I’m working on post-1880 records that FamilySearch has microfilmed and digitized. The reels are listed in the card catalog there, but the entries aren’t indexed.

Once I’ve run out of digitized images online, I’ll have to order the undigitized microfilms from FamilySearch. Ugh. That means viewing them at the FS library, which is only open a few hours a week. It’s necessary, though. I know that the theory is that post-1880 parish records are redundant, because the civil registration system was robust by that time. But, I’m finding lots of people in the parish records who I can’t find in the civil registration indexes. So.

Also there really is no substitute for the context you get from seeing all the entries together.

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