Walter Basquill and Bridget Bourke

Castlebar Parish Register of Marriages

I did some quick lunchtime trawling and within literally two minutes found my great-great grandparents’ marriage in the parish register for Castlebar. I’d found Walter’s first marriage, but not his second, to my great-great grandmother, Bridget Bourke. Also listed are their fathers, Michael Basquill and John Bourke, along with witnesses, who were cousin-y type relations (not sure of the exact relationships, as I don’t have my database in front of me).

The image is from an unindexed collection available free at FamilySearch. They have microfilmed and put online images that are not available at National Library of Ireland, because they are for events that occurred after the 1880 cut-off date.

Marriage Record

And then a very kind soul sent me a research copy of their marriage certificate.

So in the course of a day, I went from zero documentation to having two sources.


This is what happens when your one shot at photographing a family member’s grave marker comes at the wrong time of day. Giant shadow, ahoy!

I’m also hoping I can also find the baptismal record for my great-great aunt Margaret at FamilySearch (her birth was after the 1880 cut-off). I found an extract at Pat Deese’s website with her birth date, but it does not match up with the date I have from her headstone. Her headstone says she was born in 1889, but Pat Deese’s records list her birth date as 19 Jan 1890. It’s possible that the extract is actually for a baptism, and that she was born late December 1889. Finding her in the parish register should help clear up the mystery.

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