So It’s a Competition?

“We have an enemy in the Middle East that’s chopping off heads and drowning people in massive steel cages,” Trump told Dickerson, speaking of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. “We have an enemy that doesn’t play by the laws. You could say laws, and they’re laughing. They’re laughing at us right now. I would like to strengthen the laws so that we can better compete.”

Source: Giant Tribble vows to “strengthen” laws to allow torture, waterboarding – CBS News

I haven’t made many political posts lately. It’s all just too depressing. But this? This horrifies me. He identifies ISIS as terrorists, and rightly so, and goes on to describe some of the horrific acts attributed to them. And then? He says he wants the US to compete with them.

No. No, no, NO. This is not a competition we want to participate in.

(I just noticed that my browser add on that swaps out text has carried over into the above quote source. Yeah, I’m biased.)

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