3 & 3

3 & 3
Microfilm 04222 / 03 | Page 19
Multiple Parishes; Multiple Counties; Archdiocese of Tuam. Marriages, June 1821 to May 1822

“June 25th 1821, Patk Hunt to Catharine Kilduff, being dispensed in the prohibitted Degrees of 3&3 of Kindred, Pres[ent] John Hunt & Thos. Murphy”

I have no idea how closely Patrick and Catherine were related–they aren’t my ancestors–but related they apparently were. That’s okay though, I guess, as long as the Church gives you a dispensation.

Also look at how nice the handwriting is! Calligraphic, even. Unfortunately most of the parish registers do not look this lovely, and they certainly aren’t this legible.

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