Samuel C. Fernander Is a Hot Mess

And check out this nonsense. There’s a Samuel C. Fernander living with Samuel and Parmelia Thompson, in the 1850 census. I tried to figure out what the connection is, because there probably is one. He isn’t listed as a hired hand, so maybe a relative?

I went to look at the world tree at FamilySearch. That’s always entertaining. I found him, and he appears to have a sister named Pamelia. Hm.

Samuel C. Fernander

Maybe Parmelia was married before she married Samuel Thompson? Could Fernander be her maiden name? Unlikely, because she was only about 18 years old when she and Samuel married.

If you look at the Pamelia who is allegedly Samuel C. Fernander’s sister, you find that she’s got a bunch of kids who look remarkably like the children of Samuel Thompson and Parmelia Weathers. No spouse listed, but these are my people.

Parmelia Fernander

I could unlink her from this family and link her to Samuel Thompson, but sorting out the cascade of duplicates would make me cry. I’m not sure that mess can be undone. And of course there are no sources listed, so I have no idea where this crapfest came from.  And I just looked at the past edits, and it looks like someone removed Samuel as the father.  WTF?

ETA: If you look at the James Robert Thompson, son of Pamelia Fernander, you’ll see that his wife and children have absolutely nothing to do with my family. This should be my 3rd great grandfather, but he isn’t. Unless he had a second family on the side? Hm. Now that would be kind of entertaining.

James Robert Thompson

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