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My mom called the other day to tell me that my uncle–who apparently doesn’t know how to call or e-mail me himself–wanted another family history story. So, here goes. I have traced one section of the Lord line back to Joan de Beaufort (my 18th great grandmother), and from her, back to Cerdic of Wessex (my 50th great grandfather). On the road from Joan to Cerdic, things become increasingly mythic (I mean, we’re talking 6th century, folks, so this family history story is more of a fairytale).

As yet, I have found no witches. Sorry, Cal! You’ll have to make do with some minor Plantagenets.

This is also a cautionary tale. When you use other people’s research (or “research”), you should take it with an entire mine full of salt unless and until you can verify it. I have found cases where people were married before they were born, or were buried before they died, or an ouroboros where the father was his own son, so the pedigree was linked in an infinite loop, or people of European descent who were allegedly born in the Americas before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. If you import sections of other people’s trees, you will inherit their problems.

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