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This is the vent on my mom’s composter. I love the color and the rust.

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Deer Skull


This, along with a cardboard box of ribs and a wooden tray of vertebrae, was on my mom’s front porch. I forgot to ask where it came from, and I’m not sure I want to know why it was hanging out on the front porch.

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I stayed an extra day in Muncie, leaving this morning. I didn’t do too badly with getting out early (I think I left around 8am), but then I missed a turn-off and ended up going about 25 miles out of my way. It might have been fine, if I’d wanted to come back via Indy, but I really wanted to go through Rushville and Columbus, so I back-tracked and lost about 45 minutes. I’m glad I did, though, because it was a gorgeous drive. And! I found three cool graveyards that I want to stop at on my next trip. One is just a little cluster of headstones in the middle of a corn field. Very neat.

And even though I left fairly early, I still had time to get a few plants: bleeding hearts, buttercups (very different from the low-growing ones out in the back field), and sedum.

My primroses haven’t bloomed yet, but the buds are getting pretty big. I should have flowers soon! The coral bells waited for me to get home, too. They look like they’re about to pop any minute.

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