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More random crap from my mom’s porch. The top one is an old chandelier, and the bottom one is a big terra cotta tray full of stones and minerals and, for some reason, a little clay cow head. Mooo.

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1. It’s storming, so I’m about to have an aneurysm.

2. This woman clearly does not understand about pens. Stealing my pens is a good way to lose a limb. Just sayin’…

3. Did I mention it’s storming? Half the computers on my floor just lost power, the lights have been flickering off and on, and the blowers have shut down. Can I go home now?

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I have no idea what that thing is. It looks like a dryer exhaust, except that there’s never been a dryer there (would not be possible, in fact). It’s sticking out of the back of my mom’s house, at basement level. Anyway, that’s about how I feel today. Hrmf.

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