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Okaythen! I’m back to being frustrated. I can’t get version 2.5.1 to work (it requires a database upgrade, which causes those lovely database table errors that I couldn’t get fixed the first time around), and since version 2.0 doesn’t have an export function[1], I can’t just dump everything into the test version, then upgrade the main blog manually and re-import everything.

And, of course, I got a response back from tech support telling me that my main blog is already running version 2.3.3. Um, no. It may say so in the admin panel, but the admin panel lies. And it doesn’t even make logical sense, since I installed from a back-up copy of version 2.0.

My understanding is that one of the symptoms of the hack I suffered is that WP misidentifies itself as a newer version. You have to look at the config files to find out for certain which version you’re running. When I tried to explain the upgrade death spiral to the folks at tech support, their solution was to alter my config file manually so that it now mirrors what the admin panel says. Not helpful! I want it upgraded FOR REALS, PEOPUMS!

1. If it were actually running version 2.3.3, like tech support says, then I’d have my damned export function, thankyouverymuch. But it isn’t, and I don’t.

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In Upgrade News

It took me all damned day, but I managed to finally get a working install of WordPress v.2.3.3 on the test subdomain. I tried installing it manually, using first one installation guide and then another. Neither installs worked. Then, I stumbled across Installity. Success!

I’m so relieved that I might cry. This has been thoroughly frustrating.

Now, I need to try to upgrade the test install to v.2.5.1. If that’s successful, my plan is to import my blog to test, back everything up, then wipe the main blog entirely and re-install from scratch, using the same process as I did on the test subdomain.

It’s awkward–and time-consuming!–as hell, but since my web host isn’t being very helpful (and they only support version 2.3.3, anyway), I’m not sure what else to do.

I can think of about a million other things I’d rather be doing this weekend.

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