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Patrick Basquill and Ellen Cannon

Patrick Basquill and Ellen Cannon
screen shot from Ancestry

This is just a screenshot from a stubby little branch I uploaded to Ancestry[1]. It’s public, but I think you have to have an Ancestry membership to view trees. Hmf. I wanted to share it here, though, and this seemed the best work around.

Some very kind soul left a comment with a link to a page on the Canadian Headstones website. It was a couple of months ago, and I did look at it at the time and filed it away mentally. But I didn’t look carefully. For shame!

Well today I finally took a closer look, and it solved several little mysteries surrounding this family of Basquills in Canada I’d been fussing with on and off for ages.  It is not only the grave marker for Patrick and Ellen and their three sons, but the transcription of the inscription includes Ellen’s maiden name. So now I have death dates for the parents and three sons, plus a hope of finding the marriage entry in the Irish Catholic parish registers (for now I’m assuming they married before emigrating).

And for context, this family was in Canada by the time of the 1851 census. They are most likely famine emigrants.

1. I’m doing my work in Legacy Family Tree, and I’m being pretty obsessive about how I source things. Unfortunately, the only way to get my info into an Ancestry tree is to export a gedcom, and that does goofy things with some of the data. For a start, event addresses. If you handle them “properly” in Legacy, they’re entered in their own screen, not in the event description field. But when you do it properly, those addresses are lost when creating a gedcom. That means the tree at Ancestry is missing street addresses and burial locations. That information is there, in my master tree, but there’s not an easy way to automatically export it to Ancestry.

Secondly, some of the Legacy source citation information is mapped to funky fields when exported to a gedcom. It’s mostly there (some fields are truncated), but it may not make much sense when you look at the sources on the Ancestry tree.

Basically, exporting a gedcom from Legacy and importing it to an Ancestry tree is an exercise in frustration. I need to find a better way to share information.

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Western Sky at Sunrise

Western Sky at Sunrise

There’s not much going on in the east, but the western sky sure is pretty this morning.

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