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Scrambled Eggs and Fried Rice

Fried Rice and Scrambled Eggs

This is what you do when you have eggs but no bread for toast. You make a pot of basmati rice (it’s not sticky), then fry it with spinach and green onions, then eat it with scrambled eggs. The leftovers are pretty good, too, so that’s going to be breakfast tomorrow.

(Please note that there are no dead people or dogs in this post. I’m not sure how that happened.)

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Frank Nicholas Basquill

Frank Nicholas Basquill
screen shot from Legacy Family Tree

Certificate of Death
Ohio Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, death certificate 25869 (1923), Frank Nicholas Basquill; digital image, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953,” FamilySearch (familysearch.org/ : accessed 8 Jan 2017). Rec. Date: 15 Oct 2016. Cit. Date: 8 Jan 2017.

Frank was the son of Miles Basquill and Barbara Jean Davis. He never married and doesn’t seem to have had any children. He served in the United States Navy during World War I and was honorably discharged. After that, he worked manufacturing tires at a rubber factory, eventually becoming foreman. And then he was gone. Such a short life, with not much to show for it.

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