Anjou Pear

Anjou Pear #gouache #paintings #paintsketch #sketchbooks #artjournals #scumbling
gouache on 140 lb Canson cold press watercolor paper

I had been planning on going to the animal shelter yesterday after work. So of course, on my way to work yesterday morning, the brake warning light on my car came on. Instead of looking at dogs, I dropped my car off at the auto shop. They called this morning to say that there’s a broken rear brake line, leaking rear differential, and a broken brake caliper slide, all of which will cost about $500 to fix.

I’d like to stop hemorrhaging money soon, pleaseandthanks.


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2 responses to “Anjou Pear

  1. Jackie

    I’m surprised you would get another dog so soon! Sorry about your car.


    • Being dogless is just about killing me. It’s really not good.

      I got Frances just a few days after Harriet died. It made a huge difference to have another dog around. Less interruption in my routine, at least. It’s been over a month and I still feel like I need to walk the dog one last time before going to bed.


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