What Will the Men Do?

I’m not any kind of serious gamer, but I have loved Zelda since day one. And look, a new Legend of Zelda is coming out. Yay! Oh, wait. When the producer was asked whether or no we’d finally get to play as a female character, he responded with this bucket of nonsense:

“We thought about it,” Aonuma told GameSpot through a translator, “and decided that if we’re going to have a female protagonist, it’s simpler to have Princess Zelda as the main character.” But that idea was shot down because “if we have Princess Zelda as the main character who fights, then what is Link going to do?”

From:  The Verge, “Nintendo offers really stupid reasons why you can’t play as a woman in The Legend of Zelda

Seriously, dude? You can’t allow folks to play as a female character, because if you did, WHAT WOULD THE MAN DO? Jesus wept. Maybe Link could be held prisoner and Zelda rescues him? IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN, RIGHT? No complicated gymnastics involved. Just literally flip the script. I promise, the world will not end if a woman rescues a man.

His comments about the Triforce are even more ridiculous.

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