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It allegedly dries clear. #watercolorground #testing #painting #sketchbook #artjournal

I bought this jar of transparent watercolor ground months ago, but haven’t done anything with it. I thought I’d test it today.

Applying it was simple–just like putting on a top coat of acrylic medium. There was a texture left over from the brush, though, that could be obnoxious. That should be somewhat controllable, by blotting at the end with a paper towel or a wet wipe.

And now we wait for paint to dry. It’s rainy and damp today, so it’s taking forever.

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I keep finding loose ends. Yesterday it was a collar under a pile of things on the passenger seat of my car. How on earth did it get there? This morning it was my calendar telling me to give Frances her heartworm pill.

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Backup, Backup, Backup


Piglet was being hilariously obnoxious last night, singing opera and trying to catch the bug on the front door (AKA the peephole). I wanted to get it on video, but nope, my phone was full. Hmf. So now I’m sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting while all my photos and video transfer to a backup drive. Which obviously I should have done ages ago. I think I just have a 32GB phone, which is not a lot of space. I end up having to dump it every few months, and it was long overdue.

So instead of a video of my ridiculous cat, you are getting a reminder to back up your photo and video devices so you can make room on them for new stuff. (Only 23 minutes remaining!)

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