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Morning Sky

Morning sky and newly paved parking lot #indianaskies #skies #morning #iu #indianauniversity #iubloomington #parkinglot

There has been a whole lot of coworker angst about the repaving of the 10th Street parking lot. You’d think the world was ending. For reals. They closed the west end of the lot a few weeks ago, completely dug it up, relaid bedding, and repaved it. It opened yesterday afternoon, so this was the first day I was able to park there. It’s pretty!

And now they’ll close the smaller east end of the lot. I expect another round of coworker angst, because duh.

(Seriously, someone was upset that he had to walk twenty feet farther to get to work. If he’s disabled, he can get a pass and park in the lot right behind the library. Otherwise, suck it up, buttercup! A short walk is good for you.)

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