Soul Mapping

I kinda sorta finished the Soul Mapping book and exercises a couple of weeks ago, but I went back over the last couple of chapters and legit finished last weekend. I realized I hadn’t uploaded all of the arty bits from the second half of the book. I’m too lazy to scan them, but I did take some photos.

Soul Mapping
Never take a mime to a demon fight.

I had a bizarre dream a year or two ago, about a friend who lives out of state showing up on my doorstep with a mime in tow. I don’t like mimes. I was not happy about having to invite a dream mime into my dream house. But my friend and her dream mime helped me hunt down a demon living in my dream house, so it turned out more or less okay. I did warn her, in real life, not to ever bring a mime to my house, though, or I’d have to real life unfriend her.

Soul Mapping

Soul Mapping
At first people called her Happy.

Soul Mapping
Consecrating the places of awe

Soul Mapping
Home Again

The White Horse
The White Horse

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