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I made pasta today (yum!), and between the damp air from the rainy weather and the extra moisture from the boiling water, the windows fogged up.

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Adventures in Genealogy: John Basquill Edition

More Adventures in Genealogy: Don’t Trust Other People’s Work Edition.

I don’t know if I can explain the problem so that it makes sense, but I’m going to try.

John Number 1 was born in Sraheen, County Mayo, Ireland in 1860. His parents were John Basquill and Bridget Kelly.

John Number 2 was born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1876. His parents were Nicholas Basquill and Ellen O’Brien. He emigrated to the US and settled in Scranton PA.

Two Johns, with two different sets of parents and two different birth dates. Not so easy to keep straight, apparently.

Somebody else attached Mary McGing and her children to John Number 2, and I blindly followed suit. Bad idea! The result was that when I discovered a John Joseph Baskwell born in Ireland 1876 and living in Scranton PA, there was no place to put him. It looked like he was a THIRD John. AIEEE! It was like the worst genealogical tetris problem ever, and I nearly had a brain hemorrhage.

I got out all my records for the three Johns and went back over them again with a fine-toothed comb. What I discovered is that Mary McGing and her children belonged with John Number 1. Further, Census records showed they were all still in Sraheen in 1901 and 1911, and as far as I can tell they never left there. That left John Number 2 without a wife and kids, which meant that he WAS the John Joseph Baskwell who married Anne Simerson. YAY! This is backed up by the fact that old city directories show him living at 611 West Market Street, Scranton PA, with his brothers, Patrick John Baskwell and William Joseph Baskerville. So my hunch that John Number 2 was actually one of “mine,” was correct.

(And yes, all this is further complicated by the varied and creative spellings of the Basquille name. Good times!)

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Adventures in Genealogy: Margaret Basquill Edition

Margaret Basquile Burke

I\’m sure this is boring to anyone who is not me, but I’m going to share, anyway. I mentioned that I’d located my great-great-great aunt Margaret Basquill? Today I found her death certificate. Yay! But the name listed for her father is wrongity-wrong-wrong-wrong. Boo! On the death certificate her father is identified as William. His name was Michael Basquill. Oops. Well, there are three possible explanations.

1. Michael’s first or middle name is actually William. I have nothing whatsoever to support that theory, so I’m discarding it. (Making note of it in case evidence appears in the future, but it’s just not likely.)
2. I have the wrong Margaret. I do not. More on that later.
3. The information on the death certificate is simply incorrect. I’m going with this one, because the information was obviously supplied by someone who was not Margaret (most likely her son, Michael), so it’s possible that they made a mistake.

Now, why do I know I have the right Margaret, out of the twelfty Margaret Basquills to choose from? Letters! I have a letter written by my great-great uncle William to my great grandma Nell, in which he states that Margaret “lived in Boston & was married to a man named Bourke.”


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The reason I have been useless and boring the past couple of months is that I’ve gotten sucked back into genealogyland. It’s like a giant black hole. I sit down at the computer for five minutes, and the next thing I know, it’s 2am. But! I’ve made a few discoveries and solved some mysteries that had been bugging me. Of course, that means I’ve created a few more that now have me completely stumped.

Like, there’s a John Joseph Baskwell living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Anne Simerson. According to the old city directories, he was at some points living with Baskwell/Baskerville people who I have linked to my family tree, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where he fits. The George S. Baskerville living a few doors down from some of “my” Baskwells/Baskervilles might be a plausible coincidence (as far as I can tell, he’s totally unrelated, or related so far back that there are no records to show how), but in the same house? At the same time? I can’t buy that. So John Joseph and the missus are “mine,” but I have no idea how or what to do with them.

It’s frustrating!

However, today I found my great-great grandfather Walter Basquill’s sister, Margaret, living in Massachusetts. I also found Walter’s daughter, Mary, living with them. It’s not a big thing on its own, but sometimes the small additions and connections make other things fall into place, like dominoes.

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Hark, a Doodle!

Staff Meeting Doodle
Staff Meeting Doodle

Today may have been the most annoying day EVAR. For reals. Have I mentioned that our entire department (about 60 people) is being temporarily moved because our floor is being renovated? The cataloging division is going to another building on campus, which is not the annoying part. The temp building is closer to my house, and we won’t have to fight with students for parking. However, we found out today that we will not have cubicles at the temp building. The work spaces are shared. As in, several people will be sitting at one table. I work with the most annoying people on earth (most of whom I like! I just don’t want to sit rightthefucknexttothem). This is not good.

And then, because this day did not already suck enough, we had a training webinar for RDA. Which would have been fine, actually, because for perhaps the first time in the history of webinars, the audio was pretty good. What was not good was that the speaker only pronounced half the syllables in each word. Bibliographic became bib-uh-graphic. Every time she said MARC 21, I could have sworn she was saying Mark Twain One. So I had some trouble decoding WTF she was talking about, which did not help my listening comprehension one little bit.

So. Hrmf.

But on the plus side, Harriet didn’t have any leaky accidents today. YAY!

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It finally started raining, and then it rained and rained and rained. We haven’t quite made up for the drought, but the grass is green and the trees are very pretty, so it’s all good.

And! My sedum is blooming at long last.


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HELP! I’ve been swallowed by the couch!

HELP!  I've been swallowed by the couch!

Harriet is doing fine, aside from the couch swallowing incident. No more seizures, as far as I know. She’s developed paralysis on the right side of her face (sort of like the canine equivalent of Bell’s Palsy). It isn’t bothering her, and the only time you really can tell something’s wrong is right after she eats or drinks. Then, her lower right lip gets floppy. Her new nickname is Whopperjaw.

(About the couch. I’ve got waterproof covers on the cushions, because Harriet leaks. I’ve been covering them up with towels or sheets or whatever is handy that can be washed easily. Under that is a pee pad, and under that, there’s a waterproof mattress cover.

And Henry, being a total dork.


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