HELP! I’ve been swallowed by the couch!

HELP!  I've been swallowed by the couch!

Harriet is doing fine, aside from the couch swallowing incident. No more seizures, as far as I know. She’s developed paralysis on the right side of her face (sort of like the canine equivalent of Bell’s Palsy). It isn’t bothering her, and the only time you really can tell something’s wrong is right after she eats or drinks. Then, her lower right lip gets floppy. Her new nickname is Whopperjaw.

(About the couch. I’ve got waterproof covers on the cushions, because Harriet leaks. I’ve been covering them up with towels or sheets or whatever is handy that can be washed easily. Under that is a pee pad, and under that, there’s a waterproof mattress cover.

And Henry, being a total dork.


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