About Cat-sidh


Pandora, the fairy cat, came to me in the Spring of 1990 as a tiny, black kitten–the runt of the litter. She was unable to meow, but soon learned to compensate with an entire vocabulary of trilling chirps. From the first day, she was fearless and gregarious. She never met a stranger and never knew a bad mood. Every new experience she met with curiosity, good grace, and wicked feline wit. She took numerous kittens under her paw, raising them, teaching them the joys of catness, and offering them life-long companionship. A benevolent dictator, Pandora accepted the challenge of keeping the dogs in proper order, ruling over them with a (mostly) velveted paw.

Pandora was a constant source of entertainment, friendship, and inspiration. It’s only fitting that her contribution to my life be recognized, so the name of this website is a tribute to her.

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