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Moon Craters, Biteyface, and One ‘Possum


Biteyface! Note the huge crater in the background. (And, no, Harriet’s not bossy. Much. Elliott doesn’t mind, though. He loveloveloves his girldog.)



Harriet digging her Moon Crater. She was very pleased with herself and I have to say, it’s kept her entertained for hours. I don’t think they’ve caught anything from the crater, but hope springs eternal. It’s a now good 20′ across and growing daily.

Note the Action Ears (with patented Flying Technology[tm]) in the left-hand photo. Harriet really believes in throwing herself into her work.


Harriet’s wee baby ‘possum. I couldn’t tell what she was doing. She spent a half an hour or so carefully pushing all the surrounding leaves and twigs on top of it. I’d really like to know why she covered it up so carefully instead of eating it. You can see how nicely the grass has been smoothed toward the ‘possum.

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