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More Fun with Genealogy

Someone on Reddit posted about this entry on the FamilySearch tree. It’s delightfully entertaining. First, the “Important research has been done on this person,” note. Understand that anyone can add anything they want to the FamilySearch tree, but it should be factual and supported by some sort of evidence. I’m not criticizing people’s beliefs or religion. Believe what you want! I certainly do. But this has no place in genealogy.

Must we? And the arguments in the change log about definitive proofs and whether or not Joseph should be linked as his father and whether or not he really married Mary Magdelene and did they actually have children. There’s a place for those discussions, but I don’t think this is it.

This is my favorite part. Under “Facts,” which ought to be at least somewhat fact-adjacent, right? His physical appearance: “Curly bright silver grey hair. Aquamarine blue eyes (Post resurrection reports)”

I’m seriously tempted to replace the profile pic with Black Jesus. I’m feelin’ fighty.