Grandma and Grandpa

I ended up with my both grandpa’s and my great grandpa’s negatives and slides. I started scanning grandpa’s negatives years ago, then got distracted by life. Then last month my mom sent me my great grandpa’s negatives. I ended up having to buy a new negative scanner, because the old one died. Probably for the best, because the image quality from the new one (Epson Perfection V600) is better. I’m going to go back and rescan some of over/under exposed negatives, to see if I can capture more detail.

This one of my grandparents was seriously overexposed. And at some point Piglet chomped it, which hasn’t helped (you can see the teeth marks at the top of the bottom image). Aren’t they adorable, though? I think this was probably taken on their honeymoon, so about 1946.

Canon CanoScan 8800F, scanned 2011

Epson Perfection V600, scanned 2021

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