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Gluebook Volume 8

Words Stick In Your Throat
Words Stick in Your Throat

I finished filling up another half-full sketchbook with gluebook collage. This one was left over from art school, so it contains everything but the kitchen sink. There are even combinations to my old painting locker and watercolor flat file in the back of it.

In Pursuit of Starlight
In Pursuit of Starlight

It was only fitting that I squeeze in a Gauguin image. I wrote a huge paper on his Manao tupapau (Spirit of the Dead Watching), for a post-impressionism class. The professor made a funny comment after handing it back to me (I got an A). She said she couldn’t figure out what I thought of Gauguin, himself. I didn’t like him much then, and I like him even less now. He created beautiful things, but he did so by colonization.

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