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It’s Hives Season

I dont know what Thomas is allergic to, but it appears to be seasonal. I double checked dates, and it was the end of August/beginning of September last year, when he had a terrible outbreak of hives.

Poor biscuit. I was giving him Benadryl, but switched him to Zyrtec last night. That actually seems to be working a bit better. I really don’t want to have to give him steroids if I don’t have to, but I have a supply just in case. (And yes, I consulted his vet about all of this.)


Instax Mini Experiments

Instax Mini Photos
Instax Mini photos

Altered Instax Photo
Altered Instax Mini photo

I’ve been playing around with the Instax Mini camera. I’d been looking at small format, instant print technology (mainly Instax and ZINK) and decided to go with Instax. I love being able to use the dud photos by altering them and incorporating them into collage work. Instax is similar to Polaroid but slightly different. Polaroid is exposed from the front and Instax from the back, meaning that the white layer that is outermost on a Polaroid is innermost on an Instax. After disassembling and scraping down a test photo, I can say that Instax photos are far sturdier than Polaroid. They’re harder to disassemble and harder to scrape the emulsion from. The end result is also somewhat different, I think, in that I really like the way the altered photo looks from the back, once the layers of emulsion are scoured away.