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Running Fence and Jordan River

I had to walk across campus to Parking Services. They’re located in a parking garage where I cannot park. I might have been able to find a spot in a nearby parking lot, but none of the lots on the online parking services map indicate which parking passes can park in that lot, which makes the map absolutely useless.

So I walked over there, which took me longer than it should have, because I had to navigate a giant fence maze in front of the student union. Once you committed to entering the maze, you couldn’t get out until the end. There were no side exits, which meant I went way out of my way. The whole thing was super annoying.

The most annoying part of it was that my parking permit should have been mailed to me. It was returned by the post office because IU’s Parking Services’ mail merge program cannot cope with the apartment field that IU’s master address form provides. It just completely omits that field when printing labels, so my apartment number was left off the mailing label. I tried to explain what happened to the clerk at Parking Services, and it was like talking to a brick wall. She said they’d had mail returned from other apartment dwellers, but had no idea why. Lordy! Your mailing software is BROKEN!

I’m pretty sure the problem is at their end, not mine. And then she told me that I should always pick up my tag in person, because everyone in her office is so nice and it’s a pleasant experience. Considering I cannot park anywhere near their office, that’s not going to happen.